Update summer 2020: We're hitting the pause button – full update & short notes
Weekend Design Club
Lead or support a standalone Design Club workshop at an event or venue near you.
How to start a weekend club
1. Review our resources
Check out our Resource Hub to see if Design Club is right for you. The Hub contains projects, delivery guides, worksheets and certificates. For pin badges and lanyards, see our shop.
2. Find somewhere to run your club
Find a venue to run a club at, or an existing event where kids are doing creative activities. See below for ideas of where to run a weekend club.
3. Make contact with the venue or event
Find out the best person to contact. Most events should publish contact details on their event website.
4. Recruit other mentors
Weekend Design Clubs usually work best run with others. Reach out to colleagues or friends in your network. Contact us if you need help. If you're in London, come along to one of our Meetups.
5. Join our Slack
If you'd like support, Design Club HQ and our mentor community are usually happy to help. Register interest and ask to join our Slack.
6. Prepare to run your club
Get everything you need from our Resource Hub. Give yourself time to get your head around things. Have fun!
Places to run a weekend club
Here are some place that have hosted weekend Design Clubs. Try one of these, or feel free to experiment.
CoderDojos are free coding clubs for young people. Volunteer mentors have run Design Clubs at Kingston Uni, John Lewis and Science Museum Dojos.
An office
We've run Design Clubs at offices on a Saturday. We had two sessions at AnalogFolk (with Token Dad) and an afternoon workshop at BMJ.
An event
There are plenty of great events where young people get creative. Design Clubs have run at Future Me, Wired Next Gen and MozFest.