Update summer 2020: We're hitting the pause button – full update & short notes
Design projects for children. Nurture empathy, collaboration and problem solving.
More than 1,000 children have used our resources in schools and at home.
Summer 2020 update
Due to Covid-19, we're pausing most of our work until January 2021. Full update.
What we're pausing
  • Develop new projects in the Resource Hub
  • Develop mentor support in the Helpdesk
  • Run Meetups to help mentors run clubs
  • Run mentor registration and onboarding
  • Send out free kit to volunteers
What we'll continue to do
  • Support existing mentors who want to run clubs
  • Share occasional updates here and on Twitter
  • Sell Design Club kit in our online shop
  • Keep an eye out for funding opportunities
Our fab friends and supporters