Start a club
Use our design thinking resources to help children design, prototype and test their ideas
Steps to starting a club
1. Review club resources
Review our Resource Hub. It contains our design thinking curriculum, session plans, workbooks and certificates.
2. Find a school to run your club at
Contact a school to get things lined up for the start of term. Establish the best person to speak to for after school clubs.
3. Agree a start date for your club
Speak with your main contact at the school to find a suitable day and classroom to run your club each week.
4. Apply for a DBS certificate
If you don't have a DBS certificate already, check if your school or workplace can arrange a DBS check. Email us if you need help.
5. Request your free Design Club kit
If you're in the UK and ready to run a club, request a free kit. Kits contain workbooks, badges, stickers and lanyards (see below).
6. Join our Slack to get support
Get help from Design Club HQ and our mentor community. We'll invite you to join our Slack when your club is confirmed.
Our awesome mentors :)
My first @designclub session was super fun! The girls voted to design an app to help people save money. Gives me hope for the future!
UI Lead, Lloyds Banking Group Digital
So excited about starting @designclub again today after half term! I have missed my mini app designers.
UX Research Manager, JUST EAT
What's in the kit
  • Project workbooks
  • People and challenge cards
  • Lanyards and name cards
  • Pin badges
  • Stickers

Note: Please request a free kit when you have a start date for your club.
Questions you might have
What's a good number of children for a club?
Depends on the age of the group and your experience. Generally, we recommend 12 children to 2 adults.
What help do I need to run a club?
You need a teacher or teaching assistant to be present. Mainly to help with classroom management.
What equipment do I need for a club?
Printed worksheets from our Resource Hub. Kit optional (see above). You need one mobile device or tablet for every 2 or 3 children, with Marvel App installed. And WiFi.
How much does the kit cost?
The kits are free for 2019, as they are being funded by our awesome Growth Supporters. We ask volunteers to pay £6.50 for postage and packing.
How much time will I need to give?
Roughly two hours a week for 10 weeks. That's an hour to run the club and an hour of prep.
What experience do I need?
Ideally you'll have some experience of working with design thinking methods and/or working with children.
How do I sell Design Club to the school?
We provide email templates and a short slide deck you can either send via email or present in person to teachers.
How do I promote my club to the kids?
We have a poster and flyer the school can print out. Some schools run club fairs or you can give a talk at assembly.
People and challenge cards from our kit, to help children frame their design challenge :)
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