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Using these resources
Design Club resources are free for non commercial use. Choose a project, or mix worksheets to do your own thing.
Kick-off session
Use the kick-off project to start your club. The activities help everyone get to know each other and provide context.
    Delivering a project
    Workbooks & worksheets are designed to be self-guiding. Our slides, delivery guide and project handouts help you to mentor.
    Project stages
    Each project guides kids through 5 stages of the design thinking process: define, empathise, ideate, prototype and test.
    The flow of a session
    It's great to start with a warm up game and finish with a show & tell. But it's ok if kids come in and continue where they left off.
    Themes & certificates
    Projects are themed. When children complete projects, hand out certificates to reward them.
    Kit required
    For most sessions, you'll need workbooks, pencils and a projector. For prototyping, kids will need a smartphone and WiFi.
    Getting support
    If you run an after school club, ask if a member of teaching staff can also be present. It's good to have back up.
    Need more help?
    For more info, see our Helpdesk. Join our London Meetup and/or Slack workspace. You can email us too :)
    Starter projects
    Themed projects
    • Use slides to show children which activity they're working on and help you with timing.
    • The delivery guide has prompts and tips to help you mentor.
    • Each project has a handout for children to look at. More themes and projects are coming.

    Environment projects

    Health & wellbeing projects
    Archive workbooks
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