Update summer 2020: We're hitting the pause button – full update & short notes
Design Club at home
Help children design and prototype an app. Then test it on friends and family.
Print out worksheets
Set up the space
  • Set aside 2–3 hours
  • Put on some relaxing music
  • Clear a table, desk or floor space
  • Lay out pens, pencils, scissors & paper
Stages of a project
  • There are 5 stages to a Design Club project
  • Children work on paper mostly
  • Stage 4 requires a phone with Marvel App installed – it's free and easy to install
1. Define
2. Empathise
3. Ideate
4. Prototype
5. Test
1. Define a challenge
Ask children to choose a person to design for. Or choose a friend, neighbour or celebrity. Then use the choose a challenge worksheet.

Conversation tip:
Ask children why they might need a different design for different people. Ask them what different users might find important.
2. Empathise with users
For this stage, children need to put themselves in their user's shoes.

Conversation tip:
Talk about empathy and what it means. Ask them to imagine what their user likes and doesn't like.
3. Ideate possibilities
Ask children to think of ideas for features that might help their user. Use Post-its if you have them.

Conversation tip:
Talk to children about any apps they like to use — or show them one of your favourite apps — and discuss what the key features are.
4: Prototype your app
You need a phone for this stage. Turn ideas into sketches then photograph each screen using Marvel App. Add links to create a digital prototype.

Conversation tip:
See if children know what a prototype is. Ask them to draw the first few screens. Can they think up a logo and tagline for the first screen?
5: Test your app
Ask a family member to pretend to be the user. They can use the Marvel prototype to test the idea.

Conversation tip:
Ask children why they think testing and getting feedback is important. Ask what changes they might make to their design after the feedback.
How to share a project
At the end of a project, adults (or children 13 and over) can share prototypes on Twitter. Just include the share link provided by Marvel App and include the hashtag #DesignClubProject. We'll share too!